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Bone Restore

Bone Restore

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Maintaining strong, healthy bones is key to successful aging. Unfortunately, even health-conscious adults often fail to consume enough calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients known to protect against age-related loss of bone mineral density.4-8 New research on vitamin D has led an increasing number of experts to advise men and  women over age 50 to protect against bone loss by consuming 8001000 IU (and higher) of vitamin D each day.

The Bone Restore formula provides 1000 IU of vitamin D3. To achieve optimal calcium status, Bone Restore provides 1200 elemental milligrams from three forms of highly absorbable calcium, plus other minerals required to maintain healthy bone density.

Bone Restore contains a patented form of boron. Considered more bioavailable than other forms of boron, FruiteX B® OsteoBoron® also supports healthy joints.
  • Details

    Servings Per Container 30
    Amount Per Serving
    Vitamin D3 .....1000 IU
    (as cholecalciferol)
    Calcium ......1200 mg
    (as dicalcium malate, calcium bis-glycinate, calcium fructoborate)
    Magnesium .....340 mg
    (as magnesium oxide) ______________________________________________
    Zinc .....2 mg
    (as zinc amino acid chelate)
    Manganese .....1 mg
    (as manganese amino acid chelate)
    Silicon .....5 mg
    (from horsetail herb, Equisetum arvense)
    Boron .....3 mg
    (as patented Fruitex B® OsteoBoron®)
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